Church Prayer Requests
Last Updated 02/13/2021

Prayer is our way of talking to God! It helps all of us to go about our daily lives seeking the Lord for guidance, grace, and forgiveness so that we may continue to become more like Him.

Prayer is also important when it comes to other people. Praying for the sick, needy, and destitute is our way of asking God to act according to His perfect and sovereign will to help those who need it. 

For these reasons, we have added a prayer list to pray for the members of our church that need us to intercede and seek God's face for them. This list will be updated weekly. If you need prayer, feel free to contact any of our staff, and you will be added to this list.


"Praying always with all prayer and supplication in the Spirit, being watchful to this end with all perseverance and supplication for all the saints" -Ephesians 6:18


Unspoken Requests: 


Young teenager suffering severe consequences of bullying at school.

Young lady recently diagnosed with colon cancer, surgery was postponed due to bowel blockage. Two polyps were removed.

A thirty year old lady was recently diagnosed with stage three cancer and will be undergoing chemo.

Seriously ill:


Pray for five year old Graham Hosman who was diagnosed with Ewing Sarcoma and has already begun his treatments. Graham is the son of Jennifer (Parks)and Andrew Hosman.

Continue to pray for Pam Morris. She received a clear report from her heart cath but still has symptoms she is dealing with. She has an appointment with her gastroente

rologist this Friday.

Pray for Martha and Earl Christie as they fly to Florida to be with Earl’s sister, Chris Koslow (89). Chris has a diseased gall bladder and multiple other physical issues. She’s too weak to withstand surgery. Most urgently, she needs the Lord.

Taylor Goodley needs prayer for physical needs. This is Bernie and Diane’s granddaughter.

Judy Roberts has asked for prayer for young Jimmy Suits who is suffering from a great deal of pain. He was diagnosed years ago with transverse myelitis.

Pray for Sherri Kelley’s sister, Pamela Patton who was recently diagnosed with covid.

Pray for AJ Swarringin, grandson of Helen and Russ who was taken to ER this week after he passed out at home. He is awaiting an appointment with a children’s specialist in St. Louis.

Mark Finnie continues to improve day by day. He’s able to sit up in a chair after months. Rehab will be long and arduous so continued prayers are needed for his full recovery.

Remember Sherri Kelley as she continues her dialysis. She could not have her second eye surgery today because her sugar was too high.

Remember Brittany Roberts’ son, Noah, who has cerebral palsy and has begun a new regimen of medicines to combat his issues with severe muscle spasms. 

Remember Fonda Clore as she now battles a blood clot in her lung and leg. She has been put on a blood thinner.

Remember Kevin Christie, Martha and Earl’s son who is battling severe back pain. Surgery may be the next source of relief.

Continue to pray for Ramona Roberts as she recovers at home from her aneurysm and heart surgery.

Pray for Leslie Ego. Jan Rash reports that her lymphoma has come back again aggressively.

Pray for Scott Emery, who continues to battle fluid around his heart and may have defective heart valves.

Pray for Randy Gates who has intestinal issues. 

Pray for Nancy Rice who is having severe back pain.

Pray for Eliza Arnold who has cancer that’s not responding to treatment. Pray she can get into a clinical trial.

Pray for Billy Hunziker, Janie and Aaron Jackson’s son in law who has squamous cell carcinoma that has metastasized to his lungs. He is currently undergoing chemo and immunotherapy. 

Remember Beth Rister’s mother, Mary Watson, who recently had a stroke compounded by a heart attack. 

Pray for Linda (Byrd) Gossett who has two benign brain tumors. Doctors said no surgery is needed since they are benign. They will monitor growth in six months.

Continue to pray for Susan Bevis as she recovers from her broken humerus. Doctor noted more bone growth at her last appointment. Susan has been assigned more therapy. She has a follow up appointment in six weeks and a possible MRI.

Pray for Troy Angelly’s father, David, and his mother, Linda, as they recover from covid. 

Remember Ted and Ann Respondek as they begin Ted’s journey with ALS.

Pray for Susan Gholson who has been dealing with severe issues of swelling at the site of her surgery. She will be facing chemotherapy followed by radiation for her breast cancer.

Jarod Jackson from Gallatin County, 24 years old was recently diagnosed with MS.

Remember Jessie Freebourne who also battles MS. 

Remember Troy Harrelson, bladder cancer, tumors are stable

Remember Candie Pearce who battles liver cancer and mom, Janet Poderiski. 

Remember Marvin Rash who is still needing back surgery, canceled while caring for Jan.

Remember Pastor Aaron as he adjusts to life with early onset Parkinson's. Pray for the adjustments to medications and for his family as well.

Remember Pat Lane, Gary Morris’ sister. Pam reports she deals with heart afib most of the time; her muscles are very weak requiring her to be in a wheel chair or recliner most of the time.

Pray for the entire Rice family: Terry, Yvonne, Matt and Elizabeth. They all have severe physical needs.

Shut In:


Remember Krystal, Valerie and Tim Mitchell’s daughter- surge of Covid-19 spread in their facility as well as increased isolation because of covid and racial tensions.

Remember all those in the Nursing Home and Assisted Living and shut-in:  Vi Fox, Janet Davis, Carolyn Anderson. 



Remember (Vickie Rose and Valerie Mitchell) the Tom Rose family as they grieve his passing

Remember the Wilma Hicks family (David Briddick’s sister-in-law)

Remember the Shannon Potts family

Connie and Craig Miller family as they grieve the loss of her mom, Lou Dean Smith.

Sherri Kelley and the Teddy Brown family


Pray for control over this Covid 19 pandemic

Pray for all of our educational team members and students

Pray for our first responders EMT, Fire, Police

Pray for healing in our nation and world

Pray for our church, church leaders

Pray for our youth