Church Prayer Requests - Last Updated 11/18/2020

Prayer is our way of talking to God! It helps all of us to go about our daily lives seeking the Lord for guidance, grace, and forgiveness so that we may continue to become more like Him.

Prayer is also important when it comes to other people. Praying for the sick, needy, and destitute is our way of asking God to act according to His perfect and sovereign will to help those who need it. 

For these reasons, we have added a prayer list to pray for the members of our church that need us to intercede and seek God's face for them. This list will be updated weekly. If you need prayer, feel free to contact any of our staff, and you will be added to this list.


"Praying always with all prayer and supplication in the Spirit, being watchful to this end with all perseverance and supplication for all the saints" -Ephesians 6:18

  • Pastor Aaron Phelps

    Remember Pastor Aaron as he adjusts to life with early onset Parkinson's, as well as the adjustments to medications. Let us remember his family as well.

  • Susan Bevis

    Susan recently fell and shattered her humerus and has been in a sling for awhile. She reports, however, that at her last doctor's appointment, the x-ray showed that the two main breaks have almost completely aligned, to which the doctor responded: "Remarkable!!!"

  • Fonda Clore

    Fonda recently had all kinds of tests run at Evansville today and returns for a consult with her doctor on Monday. She also got injections in both knees and is looking at another back procedure in the near future.

  • Marla Bourland

    Marla is recovering from shoulder surgery.

  • Dianne King

    Dianne is recovering from a broken foot and ankle.

  • Doris Hampton (Dianne King’s mother)

    Doris is recovering from a fall resulting in a brain bleed.

  • Art Seely (Becky Seely's Brother-In-Law)

    Art, who is in Nashville, has Covid-19 and is in danger of being put on a vent.

  • Kitty martin

    Kitty recently had surgery for uterine cancer and is undergoing radiation therapy. 

  • Brenda Cowsert

    Brenda is still in a boot after her foot surgery, and may be facing another foot surgery in the future.

  • Martha Christie

    Martha is battling a severe body rash. She recently saw a specialist, and he was able to name her condition and provide medication. Please pray that this medicine does what it’s intended to do and that she gets relief.

  • Sherri kelley and the Teddy Brown Family

    Teddy has passed away very recently. Pray for comfort for Sherri and Teddy's family.

  • Jarod Jackson

    Jarod Jackson, from Gallatin County, is 24 years old and was recently diagnosed with MS. He has since begun his new treatment. Pray he responds well.

  • Troy Harrelson

    Troy has bladder cancer. His tumors are stable.

  • Shannon Potts

    Shannon has pancreatic cancer. Reports have indicated that his cancer is growing. He needs prayer for comfort from pain and discouragement.

  • Candie Pearce & Janet Poderski

    Candie battles liver cancer. Also remember her mom, Janet.

  • Jan Rash

    Jan is scheduled for another chemo treatment on 11/25/2020, providing her platelets high enough. She is also battling Thrush.

  • Marvin Rash

    Marvin is still needing back surgery, canceled while caring for Jan.

  • Tom Rose (Valerie Mitchell and Vickie Rose’s father)

    Tom is in long term care.

  • Jonathan Wollard & Eric Brannock

    Jonathan and Eric both have thyroid cancer.

  • Mason Grace

    Mason has pneumonia after recovering from Covid-19.

  • Sharon Warren (Jeff Warren's Mother)

    Sharon has Covid-19 as well as pneumonia.

  • Brenda Tate (mark finnie's mother-in-law)

    Brenda is in the hospital with Covid-19 and has also lost her husband, Dale Tate, to Covid-19.

  • Frank Yates

    Frank, who has been in the hospital with Covid-19 has been on a ventilator for some time now. However, he is showing signs of improvement over the past couple of days. They are hoping to take him off of the vent and insert a trach tube and feeding tube in the next day or so.

  • Sarah Bivens (Petsie Allen’s sister)

    Sarah is recovering from surgery

  • Elizabeth Rice

    Elizabeth received approval for a new treatment for her Langerhans.

  • Noah Turner (Brittany Robert's Son)

    Noah just had gall bladder surgery and is currently recovering.

  • Art Pullam (nephew of a friend of Ellen Woolard)

    Art recently fell and broke his patella. He was able to avoid having surgery and is currently wearing a knee brace.

  • Jared Barton (former pastor of Eldorado Church of God) and Barbara Barton

    Jared is making a recovery from Covid-19! Pray for it to be speedy.

  • Eliza Arnold

    Eliza has been diagnosed with Multiple Myeloma and is currently awaiting potential stem cell treatment.

  • Martha Christie's Nephew, Jimmy Oliver

    Jimmy is 66 years old and lives in Indiana. He has recently been hospitalized with Covid-19. He has many underlying conditions that put him at high risk. Pray for wisdom for the doctors and a quick recovery,

  • Jim Roberts

    Jim was recently diagnosed with Covid-19. Pray for a safe and speedy recovery.

  • Judi Black (Brad Payne's Mom)

    Judi has been diagnosed with Stage 4 cancer. Pray for peace and healing for her.

  • lou dean smith, vi fox, janet davis, and carolyn anderson

    Pray for each of them respectively as they are in nursing homes, assisted living, and shut-in. Janet is currently at Ferrel with Cellulitis. Pray for a quick healing!

  • Krystal, Valerie and Tim Mitchell’s daughter

    There has been a surge of Covid-19 spread in their facility as well as increased isolation because of Covid-19 and racial tensions.