Wednesday Night NOW Services


Your child can join us every wednesday night at 6:00pm for a meal and to join a group of other kids for our Awana program! Awana is a world-wide ministry focused on providing Bible-based discipleship solutions for Grades K-5th. A carefully tailored curriculum for each age group takes students on an exciting journey through the Bible!

Sunday Morning Ministries


Here at Star, we place a lot importance in our future generations, and as such, we invest a lot of time and effort in those youngest among us! If you have kids ranging anywhere from grades K-5th, then they are more than welcome to join us as we take them on a journey through a variety of stories from the Bible, seeing them animated in front of our eyes by videos from our incredibly dynamic Superbook video-series!

Community Outreach

Choisser Soup Kitchen

In our mission to be a "People of Impact:, we work around the clock to identify and meet the needs of our community. The Choisser Soup Kitchen is a place where we work together to provide warm meals to anyone in our community that might need them!

Fill out a volunteer or contact sheet to find out which days of the week we might need your help!