Church Prayer Requests
Last Updated 08/07/2022

Prayer is our way of talking to God! It helps all of us to go about our daily lives seeking the Lord for guidance, grace, and forgiveness so that we may continue to become more like Him.

Prayer is also important when it comes to other people. Praying for the sick, needy, and destitute is our way of asking God to act according to His perfect and sovereign will to help those who need it. 

For these reasons, we have added a prayer list to pray for the members of our church that need us to intercede and seek God's face for them. This list will be updated weekly. If you need prayer, feel free to contact any of our staff, and you will be added to this list.


"Praying always with all prayer and supplication in the Spirit, being watchful to this end with all perseverance and supplication for all the saints" -Ephesians 6:18




  1. Susan Bevis is progressing well from her hip surgery. She is on her feet and mobilizing well.

Seriously ill:

  1. Pray for our Pastor Aaron as he learns to manage early onset Parkinson’s Disease.
  2. Pray for Uriah Easley who was admitted to Deaconess Hospital with a ruptured colon.
  3. Pray for the Pat Lane family. Pat passed away Tuesday this week. Pat is Gary Morris’ sister.
  4. Pray for Bob Holman who had to be hospitalized from an infection after his appendix surgery and is having some heart issues. Bob was released to come home with a wound vac this Tuesday.
  5. Pray for Jan Ward as she recovers from an emergency heart catheterization and stent placement.
  6. Pray for Tori Phelps as she recovers from her deviated septum surgery.
  7. Pray for Becky Seely as she recovers from sinus surgery.
  8. Continue to pray for Kara Vallette as she recovers from her lung surgery. She recently broke a rib which has caused her additional pain.
  9. Pray for Cheyenne Hammond, Walt and Lauren’s daughter, who is having multiple health issues that have been difficult to resolve. The family is awaiting appointments with specialists at Indianapolis and at Riley Children’s Hospital.
  10. Pray for Taylor (Goodley) Deaton who is having critical health issues with her current pregnancy.
  11. Pray for Jim Comes who is battling blood pressure and memory issues. Pray for Jeff and Romy Cox as they care for him.
  12. Pray for Renee Starks’ 11 year old granddaughter, Briley Bergan, who has two bulging discs and the doctors can’t seem to decide upon an appropriate treatment. They are looking into possible stem cell treatment.
  13. Please pray for George Wilson who had a cancerous kidney removed years ago. It appears his cancer has returned in the same area and he was scheduled for surgery on June 2.
  14. Pray for Monica Stubblefield, a 25 year old who has been battling terminal breast cancer.
  15. Pray for Kyle Rockett, Frank and Marla Bourland’s grandson, who is seeing a doctor in St. Louis due to issues with his feet. His issue with his esophagus has been resolved, praise the Lord.
  16. Pray for Roselee Raley.
  17. Please pray for Jaime Briddick’s Aunt Jeannie Wommack who has been sent to St. Louis for heart surgery due to a serious heart murmur and bleed from one of her arteries.
  18. Pray for Marvin Rash as he recovers from a broken clavicle and problems with a chronically dislocating shoulder.
  19. Pray for John Trotter who has stage 2 colon cancer and had surgery April 11.
  20. Please pray for Billy Hunziker, son in law of Janie and Aaron Jackson. His cancer has metastasized and he continues his aggressive chemotherapy.
  21. Pray for Obe and Judy Roberts’ grandson, Avry Roberts, who is experiencing severe joint pain and has been diagnosed with alfagal.
  22. Pray for Bailey Gulley.
  23. Pray for Doug Hines as he recovers from treatments for throat cancer. He is growing stronger every day.
  24. Pray for Garvin Cummins, Laurie Wheeler’s dad, who has been referred to a pulmonologist because of spots on his lungs.
  25. Please pray for Amy Murray, Jim and Lorna’s daughter, who has been battling ALS for years. Lorna has many health issues as well. This family has been going through a tremendously difficult journey for a long, long time.
  26. Pray for Vi Fox who has been put on hospice.
  27. Pray for Fonda Clore who continues to deal with painful physical limitations and chronic nausea. She reports that she has a new gastroenterologist who is digging deeper to get to the root of her issues. For this she is really thankful.
  28. Pray for Leslie Ego whose lymphoma is currently in remission. She is scheduled for a series of radiation treatments at Deaconess beginning July 7. These are intended to prolong her remission.
  29. Pray for Morgan Phelps, a 24 year old who recently had a double mastectomy.
  30. Pray for Dianne King who is dealing with multiple physical issues. Pray for her medical team in St. Louis.
  31. Pray for Linda Morrissette who was recently diagnosed with multiple myeloma. She reports her numbers are stable.
  32. Pray for Roger Willis in his battle with colorectal cancer.
  33. Pray for Linda Byrd Gossett who is now suffering from heart issues.
  34. Continue to pray for young Jimmy Suits who was admitted to Deaconess Hospital on 2/17/22 with pneumonia, sepsis, cellulitis and a bone infection. He was diagnosed years ago with transverse myelitis.
  35. Remember Jessie Freebourne who also battles MS.
  36. Remember Troy Harrelson who continues to battle kidney cancer. He has begun a new regimen of immunotherapy at Ferrell Hospital and reports he is feeling well. He was due for another scan at MD Anderson on May 22. His report was good.

Shut In:

  1. Remember Krystle, Valerie and Tim Mitchell’s daughter- in her facility. Pray for Krystal’s roommate, Jessica, who needs urgent medical attention for possible breast cancer.
  2. Remember all those in the Nursing Home and Assisted Living and shut-in: Vi Fox, Pat Lane, Lorna Murray


  1. Leilani Coate Comstock family, Janet Davis family, Mike Allen family, Chris Koslow family, Keith Karns family, Austyn Hopkins family, Evenelle Rector family, Gary Allen family, Betty Tripp family, Sherry Swanson Sutton family.

* Pray for our first responders EMT, Fire, Police/ Pray for our military and their families.

* Pray for healing in our sin sick nation and world.

* Pray for our church, church leaders (Aaron, Javier and Victoria, deacons).

* Pray for our youth and all of our students in school

* Pray especially over the situation in the Ukraine and for all the families who have been

victimized by mass shootings in our nation.