Church Prayer Requests
Last Updated 10/23/2021

Prayer is our way of talking to God! It helps all of us to go about our daily lives seeking the Lord for guidance, grace, and forgiveness so that we may continue to become more like Him.

Prayer is also important when it comes to other people. Praying for the sick, needy, and destitute is our way of asking God to act according to His perfect and sovereign will to help those who need it. 

For these reasons, we have added a prayer list to pray for the members of our church that need us to intercede and seek God's face for them. This list will be updated weekly. If you need prayer, feel free to contact any of our staff, and you will be added to this list.


"Praying always with all prayer and supplication in the Spirit, being watchful to this end with all perseverance and supplication for all the saints" -Ephesians 6:18



Seriously ill:

1. Please continue to pray for Fonda Clore who has multiple issues and doctors that

she is seeing. She is praising God that her nausea has ceased.

2. Pray for Frank Bourland as he awaits results on his tests.

3. Pray for Chris Jann who is battling heart, kidney and diabetes.

4. Pray for the Melanie Baugher family. Melanie passed after a long battle.

5. Pray for the Heath Toothman family in their loss.

6. Pray for Linda Morrissette who was recently diagnosed with multiple myeloma. She

believes this was caught in very early stages.

7. Please pray for Chuck Varner had heart surgery at Deaconess recently. Chuck had

three stents put in the front of his heart and one in the back.

8. Pray for baby Cooper Deaton, Taylor Goodley Deaton’s baby who recently

underwent tests on Thursday, 10/7/21.

9. Pray for our Pastor, Aaron, as he battles early onset Parkinson’s.

10. Pray for Reta Allen in her recovery from breast cancer.

11. Pray for Craig Poole who is battling bladder cancer. This is Afton Sutton Poole’s


12. Pray for Bill Stark who battles heart disease.

13. Pray for Roger Willis who is scheduled for colorectal surgery on November 12.

14. Pray for Don and Barb Awalt. Barb is in the nursing home in Carmi.

15. Pray for Betty Tripp, Ben’s mother, whom he recently transferred into Eldorado


16. Pray for Linda Byrd Gossett who had surgery on one of her brain tumors which has

caused some physical complications.

17. Pray for Martha and Earl Christie and Earl’s sister, Chris Koslow (89). Chris has a

diseased gall bladder and pancreatic cancer. Most urgently, she needs the Lord.

18. Continue to pray for young Jimmy Suits who is suffering from a great deal of pain.

He was diagnosed years ago with transverse myelitis.

19. Pray for Eliza Arnold who had a successful harvest of her stem cells. She had a huge

dose of chemo on Oct. 12 and her stem cell transplant was scheduled for the 14 th .

20. Pray for Susan Gholson as she continues her treatment for her breast cancer.

21. Jarod Jackson from Gallatin County, 24 years old was recently diagnosed with MS.

22. Remember Jessie Freebourne who also battles MS.

23. Remember Troy Harrelson who continues to battle kidney cancer.

24. Remember Marvin Rash who has multiple health issues along with his battle with


Shut In:

1. Remember Krystal, Valerie and Tim Mitchell’s daughter- in her facility. Pray for

Krystal’s roommate, Jessica, who needs urgent medical attention for possible

breast cancer. We praise God Jessica had a sonogram scheduled for Oct. 6. Now

she is awaiting a biopsy.

2. Remember all those in the Nursing Home and Assisted Living and shut-in: Vi Fox,

Janet Davis, Pat Lane, Betty Tripp.


Melanie Baugher family, Guthrie Willis family, Sherri Kelley family, Bob Younger family,

Petsie Allen family, Heath Toothman family and all who have lost loved ones.

* Pray for our first responders EMT, Fire, Police/ Pray for our military and their families.

* Pray for healing in our nation and world. Pray for the covid 19 situation in India.

* Pray for our church, church leaders, and our youth.

* Pray for the lost to be saved.