Daily Devotional

Psalms 37:4 NKJV "Delight yourself also in the Lord, And He shall give you the desires of your heart."

Often misquoted by Televangelists and well-meaning Christians alike, this verse found in the book of Psalms does not refer to "Prosperity Gospel" theology nor to "Speak Blessings Into Existence" theology. Rather, this verse speaks of a higher form of desire and providence from God than mere money and material possessions.

Ask yourself this question and see if you can answer it- what is God's first and ultimate goal? Well, it's simple- God's ultimate goal is to bring glory to Himself. In fact, the very reason why God spoke time, space, and matter into existence was to bring glory to Himself by displaying His limitless power and creativity. Likewise, He created human beings to worship Him and serve as another example of his masterful skill as cosmic designer. However, our God has no NEED for any of those things. The truth of the matter is that our God finds ultimate satisfaction and delight within Himself; He does not need nor desire anything else to make Him feel complete. Likewise, having been designed in God's own image as stated in Genesis 1:27, everything that we need to be complete and perfectly satisfied is found in Him.

As people, the source of most, if not all, of our problems can be boiled down to one simple statement: we look for satisfaction in all of the wrong places. As human beings, we seek satisfaction in the acceptance of other people. We seek satisfaction in the acquisition of riches and material things. We seek satisfaction in vices and self-destructive tendencies. And while all of these things claim to offer never-ending delight... they let us down time and time again, leaving us even more empty and dissatisfied than we were at the start. However, our problem is not that we have big desires, but rather, that our desires are too small.

The truth of the matter is that sin and the finite things of this world were never meant to satisfy the infinite craving that resides within each of our hearts. C.S. Lewis put it best when he said "Your desires aren’t the problem. The weakness of your desires are the problem. You are like a child fooling about in slums with your mud pies because you can’t imagine what a holiday at the sea is like." Our problem is that we are too readily convinced into trading away the infinite joy that is knowing Our Heavenly Father for the mediocre, passing pleasures of this world. However, should we continue seeking God and not be led astray, today's Bible verse promises that God will give us the true desire of our heart... never-ending fulfillment and peace that can be found only in Him.

So, next time that you are tempted to jeopardize your relationship with God in exchange for the temporary joys of sin, remind yourself not just of how much you'd be losing by doing so, but also of how much more fulfillment and delight there is to be found in pursuing a relationship with your Heavenly Father.